Watch This Dude At The Combine Take A Football To The Face!

Only the most die hard NFL fans watch the NFL Combine. This is sweaty dudes lifting weights and running 40 yard dashes in tight clothing. The NFL combine is not for everyone, and certainly can be quite boring. But then again, the NFL combine is like panning for gold...there might be a lot of time with NOTHING, then you hit the mother lode of FAIL. This happened to former USF tight end Mitchell Wilcox. Wilcox took a pass directly to the face during a drill that is called the “Gauntlet Drill.” Wilcox tried his best to shake this off but this is NOT the type of stuff you want to be known for at the NFL Combine. The bad news didn't end there for him. He almost fell on his face during his second attempt, and then actually fell on the very next drill. And this is after he had the second worst 40 time among tight ends. OUCH!