How About 80 Minutes Of Seinfeld Bloopers To Keep You Company

Sometimes the Universe just provides for you in a time of need. Like when you're forced to stay at home because of a virus, and you have tons of time on your hands...and then some genius posts 80 minutes of Seinfeld bloopers and you're set. That's what just happened. And this is not just someone taking an old Seinfeld DVD and posting it online. Many of these bloopers have never been seen before. The person does admit that it is very shady. “The video quality is pretty lousy, but most of these bloopers didn’t make into the official Seinfeld DVD blooper reels,” the fan wrote on YouTube. “This video was ripped from a DVD produced in 2000, and consists of unseen bloopers and outtakes from many seasons of Seinfeld. “I suspect this DVD was a bootleg copy of a Seinfeld blooper disc distributed to the cast & crew soon after the series ended.” We are just lucky that we have all this time to watch these great Seinfeld bloopers!