Are These The Worst Game Show Contestants Ever?

With the whole STAY AT HOME order that has gone out, it has given us a chance to visit some of the TV channels we never seem to get to. Something that Woody calls DEEP CABLE. Woody found a game show (oddly enough on the Game Show Network) that is called Get A Clue. it has a lot of the characteristics of other game shows, so the rounds go fast, and the contestants have to play in teams to advance and win money. In this clip we see some of the worst game show contestants ever. The game is like $25,000 pyramid where they are given a word, and they have to get a team mate to say that word by describing it. These people are pretty horrible at this game. Might be the worst ever. How can we say that? Well the first woman is given the word MOPED and she can't say ANYTHING about it. She just raises her hands. It goes downhill from there!