Do You Think This SNL Sketch Went Too Far?

Saturday Night Live aired its last episode of the season this weekend, and it was another where the cast was in their homes, doing sketches and in this case singing songs about being isolated. If you missed it, it included a fake PSA called "Let Kids Drink," which made a case for letting kids drink alcohol while in quarantine. It was a joke. obviously because the show is Saturday Night Live, but some people on social media thought it went too far.The whole thing was set to a song, and it did feature kids holding fake alcoholic drinks and joining in on the singing. In response to the "debate" online, one person Tweeted, quote, "There are two types of people in the world. The ones who think Let Kids Drink was freaking hysterical and the ones that have no sense of humor." Take a look, did they cross a line with this one? Or are people (who've been cooped up too long) just looking for something to complain about?