Trying To Help A Squirrel Backfires For This Girl

On the show, Wilcox will tell you that he is NOT a fan of squirrels. It isn't that he hates squirrels, it is just that Wilcox doesn't trust squirrels. And this video backs up his feeling. A mom filmed her daughter using a chair to rescue a squirrel that was swimming inside their kiddie pool. They say that no good deed goes unpunished...and so the helping out backfires when the squirrel scurries up the chair and bounces off the girl's chest and face. She freaks out, drops the chair, and takes off running . . . and the squirrel lands BACK in the water. There is a happy ending for those who like that sort of thing....according to the post her arm was scratched, but she DID end up rescuing the squirrel.