We Wish The USA Had PSA's Like This One About Adult Videos

We love a good Public Service Announcement as much as the next guy. PSA's like the one's with animated GIJjoes were a staple of our childhood. But recently we haven't seen any good ones. At lease not here in the USA. New Zealand has launched a campaign on how to talk to your kids about porn, and judging by this ad, they're using humor to make the point.It stars a male and female pretending to be two naked porn stars ringing a family's doorbell. A woman answers and they drop the news that her son watches their videos on several different devices. Then they explain how their performances are not meant for children, and kids can get the wrong message about how relationships work. That's when the shocked young boy walks into the hallway and sees the two stars.The mom tells him it's time to have a talk about the difference between what he sees online, and how real-life relationships work.