What To Do When You Don't Have Time To Wait For The Boat Trailer

There are few things better then spending the day in your boat on the water. Could be boating in the ocean or boating on the lake or river, it doesn't matter. One of the tings that seems to be a drag is at the end of the day, waiting for someone to properly back down the boat trailer onto the boat ramp so you can load up and go home. The guy in the video has found a short cut, but were are not sure it will work for everyone. See, this dude skips the who trailer thing. He still uses the boat ramp, but forget EVERYTHING else. This did happen in Wisconsin, the Florida of the Midwest. Witnesses say the boat driver climbed out of the boat and left the scene. Multiple empty beer cans were left scattered on the floor of the boat. DON'T DRINK AND BOAT!