This Man Is Fighting For What Is Right and He Needs To Be Heard

Rarely do we say this, but this is EXACTLY what government officials need to be spending their time on right now. There's a video going viral right now of an impassioned speech from a guy named Andrew Christensen, who went to a city council meeting in his hometown of Lincoln, Nebraska to call for change. Specifically: He wants Lincoln to lead the charge in renaming boneless chicken wings. Why? Well because and we quote "Nothing about boneless chicken wings actually come from the wing of a chicken. We would be disgusted if a butcher was mislabeling their cuts of meats, but then we go around pretending as though the breast of a chicken is its wing?" He proposed alternative names like, quote, "Buffalo-style chicken tenders, wet tenders, saucy nugs, or trash." One of our favorite parts is when he doesn't expect to have boneless tacos! As far as we know, the Lincoln city council is NOT planning to vote on whether to mandate a different name for boneless wings