Scary Video Of A Cougar Stalking A Hiker In Utah

it can be fun to go hiking, as long as you don't run into a cougar. NOT that kind of cougar, we're talking about the wildlife kind. That's what happened to a man named Kyle Burgess who was walking in Slate Canyon, just outside of Provo, Utah. He noticed a cougar in front of him at some distance. The video clip begins with Burgess initially taking a few steps in the cougar's direction before it scampers away. It returns almost immediately and charges toward him, prompting him to yell out several expletives as he runs to safety. He does the right thing the whole time. Keeping his eyes on the animal while it stalks him, and making noise and getting as big as possible. He finally is able to pick u pa rock and throw it at the cougar, scaring the animal away. CRAZY, but awesome, to keep the video rolling the whole time!