The Hysterical Reason That Diddy Was Trending Over The Weekend

You probably have heard us play the clip of Larry king talking to "my dad Mr. P. Daddy Combs" a time or two on the show. We aren't huge fans of Diddy, but we recognize him as a talented dude in the music business. In the pool? That's another story! Over the weekend Diddy was trending and it wasn't because he died (either really or as a hoax) it was because of a video that Diddy posted on his Tik Tok. It shows Diddy getting ready to workout/ swim some laps. The dive that he does after a deep breath is one of the funniest thing we have ever seen. This is like when celebs can't throw out the first pitch, only it involves a pool and diving in. How does your FOOT go into the water first, instead of your hands? We must have watched this 100 times and can't stop laughing.