This Mom Is NOT Excited About Her Son's New Tattoo

***WARNING NOT SAFE FOR WORK LANGUAGE FROM MOM*** If you're headed home for the holidays, or maybe the parents are coming over, do you have something that is going to make them flip out like this mom flipped out on her son's new tattoo? Mom (and Dad) can get really weird about stuff like tattoos. Like when she talks about it being a SEASHELL. Or the fact that it is below his elbow and how that will prevent him from getting a job. Is that still a thing? Do tattoos still have that sort of stigma? I know they used to say if you have a tattoo that is showing to cover it up or whatever before a job interview, is that still a thing? I imagine it is with the older people like his mom, but does our generation care? ***WARNING NOT SAFE FOR WORK LANGUAGE FROM MOM***