The Mandalorian Has Been Reimagined As A 90's SitCom

If you've listened to the show for very long, then you know that Woody is a Star Wars fan boy. Woody loves the Mandalorian (that's show on the Disney+ network for those of us who don't live and breathe Star Wars like Woody). The second season of the Mandalorian just wrapped up before Christmas and thanks to having tons of time on their hands a genius, who's handle is Nolan Fabricious, took clips of the show and recut them to look like a Sit Com. But not just any sit com, were talking 90's sit com. Hence we get Grogu Pains. That's a take off on the name of the Baby Yoda. This season his name was revealed to be Grogu...don't get Woody started on that. Anyway, we can almost hear the announcer say, "This week on a VERY SPECIAL Gorgu Pains..." Check out the trailer for the fake show::