Just Because You Can Buy The Car Doesn't Mean You Know How To Drive It

We love cars. Muscle cars with tons of horsepower have made a huge comeback, the problem isn't with the cars or the horsepower...it is with the people that buy them and attempt to drive them. It isn't EVERY driver of these cars, but we can all agree that too many of the owners only THINK they can handle that much car. Here is a case that was caught on cell phone video. At a Cars and Coffee in Loveland, Colorado, a Hellcat driver decided to let loose. A few hundred feet from where the driver mashes the throttle, the rear tires lose traction and the Challenger SRT Hellcat lurches into the side of an unsuspecting Chevrolet Silverado. The truck is pushed off the road, digs in, and flips over, eventually landing on its roof. Luckily no one was hurt, but look how many people DON'T call 911 for help, but instead try to get their own video.